How to join

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How to Join

  • To belong to a HOG Chapter you first need to be a member of HOG.
  • Membership fees for the Yarra Valley Chapter in 2021 remain at $40.00.   It does not include any meal allowances.
  • Membership renewal is due 31st of December.
  • Complete a Chapter enrolment form, print it, complete &  send it.
  • Emailing the form to our Membership Officer is the fastest method. 
  • Membership fees can be paid via our Team App store,  or by EFT to NAB 083414 846122423

Note – You do not need to be a member or even ride a Harley to join us on a ride or attend one of our meetings as a guest.  To ride, make contact via the ‘CONTACT US’  link,  or email 

 A third party waiver form must be completed before riding as a non member. See the Road Captain on the day.

All members and guests are expected to abide by the Chapter Handbook guidelines which is supplied by HOG Australia and uphold the spirit of HOG.  Which is to ride and have fun.

SPAM Email prevention.    Membership or RoadCaptain   + @YVCHOG.COM.AU